2022 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Digital Economy (ICCBD 2022)


Keynote Speaker 1



Professor Tao Zhang

North China University of Technology,NCUT, China


Tao Zhang, professor, doctoral supervisor, the department introduced high-level overseas talents "distinguished expert", aerospace science and industry group and space long feng's chief scientist, European and American society, vice President of Beijing, Beijing municipal expert party electronic club President, Beijing high-level overseas talents "sea poly project" distinguished experts, national zhongguancun science and technology entrepreneurship demonstration base "high-end talents", Beijing international "high-end business talents" award, national golden shield, chief technical experts, the National Development and Reform Commission key r&d project expert group of informatization construction, national informatization project experts, experts of the national science and technology prize committee members, national Ministry of Science and Technology special focus on research and development experts, experts of national natural science fund.


Keynote Speaker 2


Professor Wei Li

Life member of International Honor Society Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon and Phi Tau Phi


Dr. Li Wei, the sixth batch of "National Major Talents Project" introduced special expert. Blocks of the China communication industry association and chain technology, deputy director of the professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing block chain branch expert committee, the Chinese association of software block chain branch expert committee, Hangzhou big data cloud, deputy director of the branch of national one thousand foundation board of directors, branch of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence machine intelligence committee, Member of National Next Generation Internet of Things Industrial Innovation Strategic Alliance Special Committee, member of China E-commerce Wireless Business Special Committee, member of Guangdong Big Data Special Committee, Director of Zhejiang Overseas High-level Personnel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, former vice president of Zhejiang Haigao Electronic Information Branch. Participated in science and technology project evaluation of Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development and Reform Commission for many times as a judge. He served as a distinguished researcher at Shanghai Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University. Now a distinguished professor in computer college of Zhejiang university, research institute, Zhejiang university city project, director of the center for wisdom, fenghua, Zhejiang technical university economic institute former dean of wisdom, made the national key integrated circuit and device laboratory of Fudan university professor emeritus, southern Shandong large data center expert consultant, the national center for dual-use technology trading chief expert, Hangzhou academician workstation experts, Xiamen future industry technology consultant.