2022 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Digital Economy (ICCBD 2022)

Call for Papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Cloud Computing

Cloud application architectures

Cloud middleware frameworks

Cloud economics

Cloud computing and blockchain

Cloud management and operations

Cloud computing models

Cloud optimization and automation

Cloud security and privacy protection

Mobile computing and edge computing

Internet of things

Artificial intelligence

Network service computing

Cloud quality and performance

Distributed, and peer-to-peer search

Cloud solution design patterns


Distributed storage

Time series analysis

Cloud resource virtualization and composition

Infrastructure and platform for smart computing

Models and tools for smart computing

Cloud computing and semantic web technologies

Cloud computing architecture and systems

Cloud application scalability and availability

Cloud computing technologies and applications

Cloud applications performance and monitoring

Cloud for enterprise business transformation

Parallel computing and multimedia computing

Cloud computing simulations, designs, and paradigms

And More...

Big Data

Foundational models for big data

Big data privacy and security

Statistical models and learning

Big data systems

Data security and privacy

Data classification and clustering

Digital city and intelligent building

5g and networks for big data

Blockchain and data distribution

Data science

Big data search

Memory systems

Deep learning

High-performance computing

Network infrastructure

Multi-core computing

Big data applications

Fault tolerance and reliability

Visual graphics

Data analysis and data mining

Intelligent information processing

Big data analysis search and mining

Multimedia communication technology

Big data archiving and preservation

Algorithms and programming techniques for big data processing

Representation formats for multimedia big data

Multivariate heterogeneous data fusion

Distributed resource scheduling and optimization

Big data analysis and intelligent recommendation

And More...

Digital Economy

Information economy

Education economy

Sector economy

Big data economy



Network games

High-speed infrastructure

Digital content and green icts

Information and attention economics

E-collaboration and e-service

Pricing information goods

Globalization and inequalities

Security and privacy

Open internet economy

Multilevel governance of the digital space

Future directions of the new economy

Information management and sustainability

Data analysis and modeling in economic management

Network channel customer relationship management

Producing, distributing and sharing information goods